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Chapter 3 Stoichiometry Review Sheet
Honors Chemistry

Show all work- include conversion factors and units. Circle your final answer.
A Gas Chromatograph is a device that can identify the elements in a compound. A chemist places an unknown sample into the chromatograph machine and discovers the compound is made up of 40.0% C, 6.71% H, and
53.29% O by mass. The molecular weight of the compound is 60.05 amu.

1. What is the empirical formula of this compound?

2. What is the molecular formula?

3. This compound is placed in a crucible and allowed to completely burn in air. A chemical reaction occurs and products are formed.
Write a balanced chemical equation.

4. What type of reaction is this?

5. The chemist collects and analyzes the products. What is the percent composition of each element in each product?

6. The total amount of the sample collected by the chemist is 67.32g.
Calculate the mass of the reactant used from the air to react with the sample. 7. Calculate the number of moles of the reactant from the air.

8. Calculate the number of particles of the reactant from the air.
Identify the type of particle.

9. Calculate the theoretical yield of all products formed from the reaction.

10. Calculate the percent yield of all the products formed from the reaction. The product with the smallest molar mass was weighed in the lab and found to have a mass of 18.20g. The other product with a greater molar mass had an actual yield of 47.37g.

The chemist