Disrespect Essay

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Second Place - Middle School - Non-Fiction/Essay

By Lindy Beardsley
Although many people have extremely irritating pet peeves, I do not. I have looked for things that bug me and, besides my brother, there is nothing. I do not get irritated when people crack their fingers, or when they drive carelessly. The only thing that I have trouble thinking about applies to every human being with a soul. I do not like when a regular person with their own problems makes fun, treats badly, says rude things, upsets, abuses or complains about another person’s problems, feelings or thoughts. I feel that they do not have the right to treat people the way they do and don’t always understand why they do these things. My pet peeve is not extreme and it is not irritating, but it stays in the back of my mind constantly.
Have you ever noticed that you might just start judging a random pedestrian, a family member, or friend? Have you ever thought that they could have judged you too? People seem to get the thought that they are better than another figure based on their size, belief, or religion.
They think they are loved, respected, or treated better. This activity happens to everyone, it’s a feeling of “I’m better than you”.
There are many examples of disrespect and I believe abuse is one. Disrespecting someone that you love like a spouse or child can cause the authorities to take care of you. Abusing someone causes damage to many relationships. It also damages trust to many citizens. It is extremely hard to regain all the respect and trust you once had with just a moment of ignorance.
It is clear that it happens all around the world. Sometimes it’s just at school, or at home and no feelings are hurt. But every once in a while, wrong ideas erupt and things like slavery and the holocaust happen in our world. It becomes very dangerous for those innocent lives who become threatened because of their differences.
Let’s say you are going to a local grocery store and you quickly find what you’re buying and find the shortest lane, when you get to the front you see a big lady with a huge nose with a wart on it, and she smells like she came from a sewer. What do you naturally think to yourself?
“I am better than you”. Why do we think this? Why are we better than them? They were made