2012 Person of the Year Essay

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David Kang
Mr. Warren
Honors Literature P.1
January 28, 2013
Jeremy Lin:
2012 Person of the Year During one Saturday evening, a high school student just came back from basketball practice and was beat. So to cool himself down, he lied down on the couch and started thinking about his dream. He thought about his dream for a while and he was having trouble that if he can be good enough to be a pro basketball player for his career. After a while he thought about how an Asian can be in the NBA. It was a total stereotype’s; no Asian can be in a pro basketball team. He knew that it was impossible to be as pro as Kobe Byrant. So he changes his dream of being a pro basketball player to becoming a dentist.
Later that evening, the high school student sat on his chair and was watching a basketball game with the New York Knicks going against the Utah Jazz. His favorite basketball team was the New York Knicks. He soon found out that there is a new point guard for the Knicks had been put in play. From this man’s appearance, he seemed extremely different from the rest of the players in the league. He was very tall, big and a perfect person to be a point guard in the NBA but the thing that caught his eye was by the point guard’s skin tone. A basketball player has always been dominated by players of African American descent. For this reason, the new and unknown point guard had been different. Unlike most of the players in the league, he was the first Asian basketball player playing in the NBA and his name was Jeremy Lin. Only a few players in NBA were Asian. As for Jeremy Lin’s case, he was one of these few.
Jeremy Lin had scored 28 points in that first game. This boy was not the only person amazed, but the rest of the world had soon become paralyzed by this phenomenon. The NBA and, particularly the Knicks’ fans, became excited for Jeremy Lin and his future