2012 Presidential Debate Analyzation Essay

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Romney and Obama battle for votes!

President Barack Obama and presidential candidate Mitt Romney clashed over topics such as the economy, immigration, their differences in tackling the deficit and much more, all in three debates! Like VP Joe Biden and Congressman Ryan, they acted childish, interrupting each other and going way over their time limits. Obama started weak in the first debate, but by the third, he was much stronger. Romney started on top since Obama was so passive in the first debacle and he remained strong for the rest. Overall, it was very interesting and sometimes entertaining observing them fight to win the votes of the American people. The economy and the trillion-dollar deficit were key issues brought up in the debates. Obama told how he has helped the economy so much by saying how he has increased job creation and lowered the unemployment rate. He focuses so much on the middle class because he knows that it is important to have a strong middle class so that the economy can flourish. When Romney is asked what he will do, he can never tell and usually dodges the answer. He also knows that the loopholes he wants to close will benefit the upper- class more than the middle-class. When they were discussing how to decrease they deficit, Obama said that Romney wants to give the military an extra two million dollars to the military that they did not ask for. He says that Romney’s policies will either burden the middle class or increase the deficit. Romney said that he will not burden the middle class and he will not lower tax rates for the wealthy and then he goes on to say that certain studies show that this will not happen. However, Obama says that he has seen studies that say they will. Therefore, you really do not know whom to believe and this is where it is up to the candidates to be more persuasive. They were both so strong on this topic so I cannot really say who won on this point except I believe that Obama was a little better because he gave examples and Romney could never tell you what he was going to do. Another topic they discussed was taxes. This is a major controversy because it affects every person and then it directly affects the economy. Obama brought up a good point in this section that made Romney look bad. He said that when Romney was on 60 Minutes, he was asked if he thought it was fair that someone like him that made twenty million a year paid a lower tax rate than someone making fifty thousand a year and Romney said that he thought he was fair. He also said that he thought that that is what grows the economy. This is not what those making a little bit of money want to hear. Therefore, this is many people being offended by this remark. When they were asked about the misperceptions that people had Romney said that he cares about 100 percent of the American people and wanted 100 percent of the American people to prosper. Obama then said that he believes that Romney cares about his family and faith, but when he said that forty-seven percent considered themselves victims, he said think about whom he is talking about. He then went on to say that is was those on Social Security, people paying off loans etc… This was a good move by him because it makes you think and it made Romney look bad. Another good thing about Obama was that he gave evidence. He said, “So four years ago I stood on a stage just like this one — actually, it was a town hall — and I said I would cut taxes for middle-class families, and that's what I've done by $3,600. I said I would cut taxes for small businesses, which are the drivers and engines of growth, and we've cut them 18 times.” Romney said that he will still give the top five percent their tax cut and people do not want that. So, as you can see, their ideas on taxes for the American people are similar in giving the middle class a tax cut, but Romney still wants those making a lot of money to have a tax cut. Overall, both made good points on this topic, but to