The Development Of Rare Earth Mining

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2013 , manage on the country’s complete uncommon earth mining index was 938 million tonnes ( total unusual earth oxide , precisely the same under ) , smelting separation merchandise planned for your 904 million tons. The actual quantity of the annual extraction of 804 million tons. In 2013 , the uncommon earth field to seriously put into action the ” Many Opinions in the State Council on advertising the sustainable and nutritious development of rare earth marketplace ” demands, continue to improve policies and measures to strengthen the management of your plans are correctly implemented , unusual earth mining , manufacturing and export order to continue enhanced, maintained a great momentum of advancement in the sector . price of sand and gravel production line Very first, in 2013 the overall scenario of rare earth field ( A ) unusual earth mining , production and export of economic efficiency 2013 , control in the country’s total unusual earth mining index was 9.38 million tonnes ( total rare earth oxide , precisely the same below ) , smelting separation items packages for 90,400 tons . The real amount of the yearly extraction of 80,400 tons , smelting separation merchandise production was 83,300 tons , respectively, 85.7% and 92.1% system , part of the uncommon earth mine in Jiangxi Province and China Minmetals carry out environmental transformation and inhibition of falling prices and lowered manufacturing . The complete amount of 24,000 tons of rare earth export quota (equivalent physical amount 31,000 tons ) . basalt rock sand making plant designReal annual export quota of rare earth items bodily amount 22,900 tons , a rise of 36.3% , exports amounted $ 603 million . 2013 , working earnings of 76.9 billion yuan uncommon earth field , a rise of seven.9% , a revenue of seven.74 billion yuan , down % . Decrease profit was largely on account of the influence of uncommon earth charges . (B ) restructuring of the unusual earth market has accomplished favourable progress Inner Mongolia, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Fujian and also other provinces (regions ) during the area essentially completed the separation of unusual earth mining and smelting enterprise integration , as well as the formation of large rare-earth enterprise groups. China Minmetals , Chinalco and other central enterprises to intensify structural adjustment , industrial scale and in depth strength has become additional enhanced. During the uncommon earth market restructuring and upgrading of special help and guidance , the building of 6 integrated rare public technical support platform , and developed several high-end elements and gadget tasks , the vast majority of