2013 Faucet Trends Essay

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2013 Kitchen & Bath Style Report
NKBA-member survey reveals the top design trends for 2013.
As we settle into 2013 and a seemingly healthier national economy, some kitchen and bath design trends continue to flourish, while consumer budgets for these projects appear to have shrunk just a bit.
To get specific —
 Gray color schemes in both kitchens and baths have witnessed a dramatic escalation since 2010, particularly over the past year. Used currently in 55% of kitchens and 56% of bathrooms, shades of gray are growing in appeal, creating chic, sophisticated spaces that many consumers desire.
 Also, continuing an important trend from last year, transitional-style kitchens and baths have clearly surpassed traditional styles, a longstanding favorite until 2012.
 While the use of quartz finishes was in slight decline last year, it has surfaced as a clear trendsetter this year, coming a close second to granite.
 Homeowners spending on their kitchen and bath remodels was trending upward a year ago, but the latest numbers tell a slightly less robust story. Heading into 2012, the total cost of the average kitchen and the average bath design was $51,050 and $18,575, respectively. As we move into 2013, the figures have dipped to $47,308 in kitchens, while staying steady at $18,538 in bathrooms.
Over 300 National Kitchen & Bath Association member-designers participated in the 2013 NKBA Design
Trends Survey, reporting the materials, product types, and styles that they specified in their kitchen and bath designs over the final three months of 2012. While broad trends won’t be evident in every local market, the following are the top overall trends that emerged for kitchens and baths across the United
States and Canada.
Shades of Gray
In kitchens, shades of gray have noticeably jumped in use over the past three years. There was a significant increase from 9% of kitchens in 2010 to a remarkable 55% in the final three months of 2012.
Similar to kitchens, grays in bathroom remodels have risen from 12% to 56% since 2010. Whites and off-whites remain the top color schemes of both kitchens and bathrooms, used in 73% and
71%, respectively, an increase of 6 percentage points in both categories over the past year. Beiges and bones remain the second most popular color scheme in both rooms, followed by grays and then browns.
Browns are slightly in decline in bathrooms, falling from 39% in 2012 to 35% this year, but sepia tones rose from 11% to 17% in kitchens and 11% to 18% in bathrooms.
Quartz was the second most popular counter-surface material used in kitchens and baths last year. This year, it has significantly narrowed the gap with granite, increasing from 69% to 80% in kitchens and from