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Crystal Britton
Mrs. Graham
November 4 2014
Concentration Camp
One of the biggest topics of WW2 is concentration camps. A concentration camp is where large numbers of people went. Mostly political prisoners or members of persecuted minorities, are deliberately imprisoned in a relatively small area with inadequate facilities. The Jewish people of Germany were a big group of people that were sent to the camp. All people in these camps were forced to do labour. The condition of the camps was horrible and hard to live in. Some days they would have to go all day without eating. The concentration camps were located in numerous areas, which captured mostly Jewish people from Germany. This all happened until Hitler committed suicide. There were 19 camps all together: 13 concentration camps and six death camps (Genocide & Persecution- the Holocaust Novel.) The most infamous camps past tense located in Germany, Poland, and Austria. The camp located in Auschwitz was one of the largest camps. (Genocide & Persecution- the Holocaust Novel.) Over six million people all together died from being in the camps. If we were to be silent from everyone who died, we would have to be silent for four years straight. Hitler was the one in charge of the concentration camps. Hitler wasn’t alive for the ending bit when the camps were going on. Right before the camps ended Hitler committed suicide with his wife. (This day in history WWll.) With out Hilter to take charge of the camps someone else had to. Hitler’s SS (Schutzstaffer) soldiers took over the camps. Hitler did not care how harsh things got so the SS did the same thing Hitler would have done. (Genocide & Persecution- the Holocaust novel.) The SS didn’t get too far along by themselves without the Russians finding out. When the Russians broke in and sent the Germans running they found documents of what they were doing. It was clear that the Germans were trying to destroy proof was noticeable. (WWll Database) Hitler had many reasons to