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1To: All Fall 2014 HTT 303 Students From: Professor Michael R. Hunter

The following should be read initially in this course taking you up to the test. Page numbers start with 1 on the page after each subsection's cover page. The first few words in each article are included to help you locate articles. Hope these questions help.


COURSE BACKGROUND: UPON ENTERING THIS COURSE WHAT IS GOING ON pg. 1 Leadership goes...Based on these readings how should you think, as well as view creativity and entrepreneurship? pg. 2 Peace deals...Note the overall problems Africa faces. pg. 3 Fewer...Are Americans coming to Canada, why or why not and should we care and why?
Pg. 7 HONG KONG…To what degree is Hong Kong the New York or London of the Far East and why? pg. 4 Number of Chinese...What companies will want their employees to speak Chinese languages and why?
Pg. 5 Private sector...How is China’s economy planned and with what success plus how are foreign competitors handled and with what results? pg. 25 Investing in Russia...What is the problem with doing business in Russia? Beijing governs how many in every 5 of the globe’s people, annually grows its population and middle class how much and must create how many jobs? And so what if it educates members of both sexes? pg. 26 Globe’s middle...Where is the middle class growing, how much, what is the BRIC and so what? pg. 27 population growth...What have we just lived through, why and where? pgs. 28 WHY IS...Where is the problem (especially 75%)and why?

INITIAL KEY DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL ISSUES pg. 6 What kind... What is a distribution mix, how is it changing and why might a company use each and every distribution channel? pg. 8 Information...How is knowledge of preferred information sources useful and what might those preferences depend on? Also, what is the most prominent information source, for how many visitors, so what and what else needs to learned about this? pgs.9 to 10 Ski Channel Users...What should be researched by suppliers about their distribution channels and why? pgs. 11 to 13 Communication Strategies...What general and specific forms of distribution channels can influence people to travel and how can a destination positively influence them? pgs. 14 to 16 Table 8.1 Diagonal...Note what is said beyond class. pgs. 17 to 20 A Typology...What influences the travel information sources used in a distribution channel, what sources exist to choose from, so what and what else needs to be known? pgs. 21 to 22 Consumer evaluation...How welcomed, heeded, and used is direct distribution and what information should it contain? pgs. 23 Firms turn and 24 Distribution Channels in...This is a former student’s company. What do its employees do and how and do academics use what they do? What has it found about the impact of integration? pg. 29 Does big...Generally how successful are mergers and how should such integrations be and not be managed?

ESSAYS For maximum marks please adhere to these ideas in essays.
****** Note short forms (pg.17) to understand essay comments I make on your submissions.
Pg. 18 Editor...Why should this source not be used?

pgs. 1 to 2 The European...What market is examined and how popular is timesharing to it and why? pg. 16 U.S. housing...What has happened to timeshares’ maintenance fees, why and so what? pgs. 17 to 22 Mobility... What is the typical price and what are the industry's top concerns? As well how and why might the concept apply to things such as cars or chalets? And finally how and where do fractionals work and what positive vs. negative features do they have? pgs. 3 to 6 Package holidays...
1. What exactly is the leisure travel package product?
2. What events are involved before, during and after a trip?
Also what impacts do items 1 and 2 above have on how the law treats pleasure travel and how will this likely affect the distribution channels used by the travel