2014 Candidate Record Form, Production Log And Assessment Record

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2014 Candidate Record Form, Production Log and Assessment Record
Level 2 Higher Project (7992)
This form should be attached to the candidate’s work and either retained at the centre or sent to the moderator as required. The declarations should be completed as indicated.

Centre number

Centre name

Bolton Sixth Form College

Candidate number

Candidate’s full name


Work submitted for assessment must be the candidate’s own. If candidates copy work, allow candidates to copy from them, or cheat in any other way, they may be disqualified.

Candidate declaration
Have you received help/information from anyone other than subject teacher(s) to produce this work?

 No  Yes (give details below or on a separate sheet if necessary).


Please list below any books, leaflets or other materials (eg DVDs, software packages, internet information) used to complete this work not acknowledged in the work itself. Presenting materials copied from other sources without acknowledgement is regarded as deliberate deception.


From time to time we use anonymous examples of students’ work (in paper form and electronically) within our guidance materials to illustrate particular points. If your work appears in AQA materials in this context and you object to this, please contact us and we will remove it on reasonable notice.

I have read and understood the above. I confirm I produced the attached work without assistance other than that which is acceptable under the scheme of assessment.

Candidate signature Date

Supervisor declaration
I confirm the candidate’s work was conducted under the conditions laid out by the specification. I have authenticated the candidate’s work and am satisfied,(to the best of my knowledge) that the work produced is solely that of the candidate.

Supervisor signature Date

Candidate number

Candidate’s full name
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Submission checklist

To be completed by the supervisor

Please note that all elements of the Project are compulsory. Failure to complete or submit an element may result in a mark of zero being awarded.

Items to be included

1. A signed and completed Candidate Record Form, Production Log and Assessment Record
This document. All pages must be completed by the candidate, except for pages 3, 7, 8 and 14.

2. Evidence of the project outcome
Eg photographs of artefact or production; a piece of creative writing (artefact); research based written report.

3. Research based written report
If the project outcome is an artefact or a production, an accompanying research based written report is required.

4. Evidence of a presentation within the production log
Presentation on the project process. Where the project outcome is a presentation, a presentation on the project process still has to be completed.

Candidate number

Candidate’s full name
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Record of marks

To be completed by the supervisor
Marks must be awarded in accordance with the instructions and criteria in section 2.5.2 of the specification.

Summary information to show how the marks have been awarded should be given in the spaces below in addition to comments in other pages of this document and any supporting information in the form of annotations on the candidate’s work.

Skill area
Supervisor’s supporting statement
A01 Manage
A02 Use resources
A03 Develop and realise
A04 Review
Total mark

Concluding comments

Outline details of taught skills (specification 2.3 teaching the Level 2 Higher Project)
Record here details of relevant skills taught in a class/group and