2014 Technology Essay

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Madi Griffin
Mrs. Sprague
Computer Literacy
New Technology in 2014
Technology advancements are made every day, and there is always something new to affect the lives of people who use it. Computers, music players, and other electronic devices make life easier for many people. In 2014, new technology advancements like the Google Glass, iWatch, and iPhone 6 will change the future of technology.
Google Glass is a new product made by Google. Sunglasses and prescription glasses can be made to fit inside them. The Google Glasses are like a smart device in front of your eyes, displayed by a tiny projector on the side of the frame. They can make video calls, take pictures, find information, record things, and do much more. A doctor recently had acquired them and found a good use for these glasses. “In Safirstein’s case, it video-streams whatever is in his field of vision, sending it to Google Hangout, where his students can view it live on their smartphones or tablets.” (O'Brien) The doctor can show his medical students what to do in certain situations, and they can learn better. “A specialist elsewhere could be called for a video "consult" to give guidance, or the patient’s referring physician could peek in during the surgery so a joint decision could be made about how to proceed.” (O'Brien) The patients’ doctor could help the surgeon decide what to do next, what to give the patient, and help them. These glasses could be very useful in saving lives, as EMT’s could use it on ambulances to help a person in need. Google Glasses could be a great progression to technology upcoming this year.
The iWatch is another useful high-tech development that could be approaching later this year. The iWatch is a watch, with a touch screen where the face of a normal watch clock would be. Reports have said that notifications will be felt through the arm rather than heard, and it can be connected to an iPhone to make and end calls. “The iWatch will serve as an accessory to the iPhone and other iOS devices, giving users easy at-a-glance access to common functions without having to take their larger devices out of their pockets or bags” (Macrumors) This new idea will make it more convenient for iPhone users to do simple tasks without having to find the phone, or if it is lost. “…iWatch may possibly include the ability to measure health-related metrics like glucose levels, heart rate, sleep quality, and movement” (Macrumors) This watch will make health stats available for many who may need them, making it more convenient for these people. The iWatch could possibly a very beneficial technological innovation, as it can be useful for small tasks.
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