2015 BW Curriculum For Freshmen Student Packet Essay

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About the Company
Business Writing is a training company that teaches freshmen and sophomore students how effectively write memos, letters, reports, and other business correspondence.
Our purpose is to support one of six undergraduate learning goals which states: Our graduates will have the ability to influence and inform others through effective presentation of business administration and accounting principles, practices and ideas using oral, written, and graphic expressions.
Company Vision Statement
Our vision is to prepare select freshmen SBIans to utilize written communication skills to interpret various information using a proactive thought process, enhanced problem-solving skills, and various elements of reasoning.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to effectively educate select freshmen SBIans effective communication skills through the engagement of peer to peer interaction and team activities using a precise and productive curriculum.
Learning Objectives
The goal of the Freshmen 4-week lesson goals and objectives are to:
Promote the basic fundamental rules of the English Language, which aids in the freshmen students’ ability to practice effective communication through the art of writing.
Assist students with preparation of a comprehensive, transparent and understandable resume to assist with internships, and job placement during/after matriculation. Therefore, the goal of this resume workshop is to review the students’ resumes to provide great examples and feedback, in hopes of improving the individual’s resume.
Prepare students to create an in-depth professional profile, and user information is standardized by education, profile headlines, profile experience and your company. LinkedIn is branded as "the place to find and be found."
Emphasize the integration Business Writing in such a manner that students remember to analyze, apply, and evaluate their research such that writing techniques are improved and implemented in their future classroom and work related assignments.
Executive Board Information
Ishmail Dowridge
Simon Jeffrey
VP of Curriculum
Julie-Anne Coakley
VP of Communications
Tavaris Johnson
VP of Operations
Ayanna Poole
Team Leaders
Nolan Norton
Team Leaders
Avery Brooks
Evaluation Criteria
Effective Business writing nucleus of all PLD activities and provide the informational and conceptual basis upon which future business sophistication is based. Poor performance in Business Writing is assessed harshly. It is the student’s responsibility to ascertain the information. Evaluation records will be kept of the performance of each team member. Team members are expected to be prompt, dressed properly, participate in all class activities, and display evidence of preparation for each class period.
All information if readily available and students will always be informed of assignments due prior to the due date.
As the SBI motto states:

Policies & Conflict Resolution:
Strict course policies for attendance are stated in the syllabus for Freshmen Business Writing. If any student has more than one unexcused absence, the student will receive an “F” in Business Writing. Therefore failing the Business Writing component and the entire GEB course.

Attendance will be taken in the first 10 minutes of class
If students have a valid excuse for their absence a typed descriptive note must be stapled to supporting documentation (doctors note, deans excuse, etc.) by the following Monday of the missed class. All excuses must be delivered to the Business Writing office. Emailed Excuses will not be reviewed.
The descriptive note must include your name, classroom and section number, and a brief explanation of the situation.