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What are the seven main factors that affect the yield of ball mill grinding?

Ball mill grinding is the main grinding equipment in the cement industry. There are many factors that affect the output of ball mill grinding. Practice has proved that: all cement companies under actual production conditions, after a certain transformation measures, the production capacity of ball mill grinding is much higher.

1. The size of the grinding material: due to the shaft kiln cement plant use small ball mill grinding, the size of the grinding material has a great influence on the ball mill grinding’s quality and capacity, the smaller the particle size, the higher the output, as well as low energy consumption, the larger the particle size, the lower the yield, meanwhile the high energy consumption.

2. The extent of the material to be grinded: cement plant is accustomed to using a relatively easy grinding coefficient, to represent the degree of difficulty of the material to be grinded.

3. The material’s moisture: for dry grinding method, the moisture has a great impact on the capacity, the higher the moisture, the lower the yield, reduce the grinding efficiency. Therefore, greater moisture content of materials, drying is essential before the material enter into the ball mill grinding.

4. The temperature of the material. High temperature and impact grinding friction, cause excessive temperature of internal, sticky ball phenomenon occurs, reduce the grinding efficiency, affecting the capacity of it, so temperature must be strictly controlled in grinding…