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COIT 20246 ICT Services Management

Learning Guide Overview

Welcome to ICT Services Management. This course covers a broad range of ICT & IS topics and much of the course is concerned with familiarising you with key terminology and concepts that you will expand upon in later courses.

This brief learning guide outlines suggestions for studying this course, what you should expect and what is expected of you.

Study Content

The content you need to know and can be examined on comes from the following sources:

1. The textbook

2. Lecture Slides 3. Weekly Readings (weeks 11 & 12)

What to expect:

You may find some weeks more challenging than others – however, the content is roughly evenly distributed. Just because there are more lecture slides in a given week doesn’t mean that there is more content. Conversely, smaller numbers of lecture slides do not indicate a “light” week.

Every week I will give a summary of what topics I think are important on the News Forum – watch out for this.

What is expected of you?

You should be familiar with all material in the e-­‐book, the lecture slides and in a more generalised way, the weekly readings (discussed later). Normally, the textbook will contain most material – however, there are a few exceptions:

1. Note the definition of Information Systems in week 7 as it is found in the PowerPoint slides only 2. Note the slides on Professionalism (and required reading) in week 11

3. Note the study guide, PowerPoint slides and required readings regarding IT Service Management in week 12


Make use of the study overview (see course web site) to guide your study. These are the questions you really should be able to answer at the end of each week.


For most campuses where internal study is offered, there is a two-­‐hour lecture scheduled each week for this course. PowerPoint lecture slides are available on the course web site. For those campuses without face-­‐to-­‐face lectures (and for distance students), ISL video recordings of lectures from previous years are available. Please not that any reference to assessment in these videos is to be ignored. Also note that the recorded lectures may refer to the previous course code and name (COIT 20228 – ICT Management). The content, bar the additional section on professionalism in week 11 and the new content regarding IT Service Management in week 12, is the same.

What to expect?

A lecture is not about reading out PowerPoint slides. It is not about covering every single concept in detail. The lecturer may not