Progressivism In The Progressive Era

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Michael Kelley
Individual work week 2
20th Century American History - 11
Instructor: Stuart Collins

In the Progressive Era period that it was called the Social Activism, the reform of the political party in the 1890’s and to the 1920’s. The goals were to make the Progressive movement to refine the government. They have tried to remove the dishonest politicians. The support was from the Progressives to prevent the power in the local bosses that own the saloons. The women’s suffrage that it did endorse the female voters. The efficiency movement in the areas that it does identify the old ways in updating in medical and the technology field.

In the 20th century that the middle class in America that the reform addressed the problems that face the societies. The working conditions and the rights for the women and children were started by the Laissez Fair Government. That there different purpose of the Progressivism. The purposes are is to protect the Social Welfare, help with Moral Improvement, to create the Economic Reform and finally the Foster Efficiency. In the 19th century industrialization of the Social Welfare. In that age that it did not planned by the companies. The bosses did feel that there are responsible to their employees. They had a settlement that the churches to serve the public. Also that it formed the Young Man’s Christian Associations.
The economic reform that it did create a panic for Americans in the year 1893. The Economic systems of the Capitalist that it did encirclement the socialism in the workers. The Socialist party was formed by Eugene Debs in the year of 1901, but Eugene Debs did inspire to refusal of the Capitalism. The leaders of the Progressive Era that it wanted to put the faith on the precise in their values to make it better in the society and the industry.

The facts of the activists it did connect to the reform to make an effort in the local government. They transformed the social sciences and the economics and political science. The progressives that it did funded the method of the scientific in which every day in the economic, industry, and even the medical field. Also believed in the Science and the technologies. But especially in the education to be believed in today society to be weak. The appearances of the progressivism it did service the urban that of the industrial society that helped in making the environments better living conditions. In the Democracy that the progressives they were seeking the vote to get the political bosses that are corrupted out of the offices. In the year of 1902 that the state of Oregon the ballot did get approve for what would measure the voter and the state was stunned. The Politician named U’ren that helped in the amendments in the 1908 that gave the power to the constituencies recall the elected officials in the state level. The primary elections