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2112 Technology (MaglevⅡ Trains)

Today scientists have found a new a type of Technology for Trains called MaglevⅡit is new version of the Maglev made in 1985. Maglev is shortened for Magnetic Levitation. It moves in air and runs at high speed by a strong magnetic force. The current trains run on the rails with wheels whereas the Maglev trains float and run at a breathtakingly high speed of five hundred kilometres per hour. Scientists have said that the Maglev trains will be of use from tomorrow. The first train will start at Australia and finish England. This train will run over Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Romania, Switzerland, Germany and France before reaching England. This train will also be the first ever train to go from one side of the world to the other.
The second version of the Maglev goes to the core of the earth and travels under the unground. When it goes to the core of the earth is reaches its top seed as the train cannot travel slowly at 6,000 degrees Celsius. The train has to travel through a special fibre tube with many other materials. The train will travel in thin air with no rails to maximise the speed. The train uses its magnets to increase speed by reducing friction.
Some Facts about the Maglev
The Maglev Train has been found by a group of Japanese and German scientists. Scientists have said that these trains will run very smoothly and very quickly reaching speeds of up to 750 kilometres per hour within 10 seconds. The way the Maglev train works is by using the repulsive force and the attractive force of magnets.
Maglev trains are trains that go in the air little off the tracks using repulsive electromagnets on both the tracks and the train itself. This rise reduces friction allowing the train to move faster and take up less power than it should take. The Maglev trains are used quite often. It is the fastest train ever made travelling at speeds up 500 kilometres per hour. At the current moment these trains travel over ground and usually travel over country sides because of the loud sounds they make while going at a phenomenal speed. There are Maglev trains currently active in India, Canada, USA, UK, China, Japan, South Korea, Germany and France. There has been a Maglev train in Japan which has carried ten million people to Seoul.
There has been a Maglev train line from Glasgow airport to Edinburgh airport. This journey should normally take about an hour but using a Maglev train it will be reduced by a lot to fifteen minutes. A Maglev train has recently been built in the UK from London to Glasgow it travelling through the Midlands, Northwest and Northeast of England so it lets a lot of people travel by it to work and it is said that the government strongly wants people to use this train line so that there is a reduction on the heavy rush hour traffic on the roads.
Maglev trains work on whether a magnet repels or attracts, it is basic physics as like poles will repel and different poles will attract depending whether opposite poles are facing the same way. So if you arrange magnets in such a way that the train can be made to float on repelling magnetic fields. This lets the train move quickly without increasing the friction or moving slowly. The train moves when two magnets which are the same are attached to each other, so if a South Pole magnet is attached to the train and to the track then the train will move like how a maglev train should move. If the train has North Pole magnets and the track has South Pole magnets then that is going to create a lot of friction and the train will move slowly.
How it will affect our Society
The maglev train will affect our society drastically and make many changes. The changes that this train will make are that many people will live and work in many