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Assessment 21918/01
Job Description and Advertisement

29th May 2012
Kirbie Ryrie
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QUESTION ONE- RECRUITMENT TASKS Employees are the most important resource in any organisation. They are also the most expensive resource and the most unpredictable. This is why recruiting, selecting and inducting the right people for the position is a vital function and can have an enormous impact on business growth, financial success and reputation.

In this scenario we look at Billy Bob’s Butchery, a local Penrith business who is looking to hire a fully qualified butcher who meets all of the selection criteria.

To ensure that we select the best person for the job there are certain steps need to be carried out. These steps are:

1) Consult on job description for position requirements
2) Review job descriptions
3) Advertising the position
4) Develop Interview guides and materials
5) Arrange Interview dates with appropriate personnel
6) Arrange interview locations
7) Conduct first interview
8) Conduct reference checks
9) Make selection decisions
10) Make an offer to applicant
11) Complete all required administrative paperwork
12) Conduct induction
13) Commencement in role


JOB TITLE: Butcher
DATE: 22nd February 2012
REPORTS TO: Meat Manager
DEPT: Butcher
APPROVED BY: Bill Bobsworth

The Butcher is responsible for the cutting, packaging, processing and sale of meat products to comply with Billy Bob’s Standards.

Butchers will work to ensure an unprecedented shopping experience for the customer; to promote sales by focusing on quality, freshness, and customer service.

The Butcher is directly accountable to the Meat Manager.
The butcher also works closely with other Team Members.

You will need to be a qualified butcher
A minimum of 3 year’s experience in general butchery
You need to be able to work a roster which incorporates weekends and some evening work.

Cuts, trims, bones, ties, and grinds meats, using butcher's cutlery and powered equipment, such as electric grinder and bandsaw.
Proportion and prepare meat in cooking form: Cuts, trims, and bones carcass sections or prime cuts, using knives, meat saw, cleaver, and bandsaw.
Cuts and weighs steaks and chops for individual servings.
Package meats and displays in display cabinet
Tends electric grinder to grind meat
Over the counter customer service
Taking over the phone customer orders
Maintain a high standard of housekeeping
Ensure that you are compliant with Work Health and Safety Food Safety
The position will involve
Working in a close team environment and developing a good working relationship with all the other team members.
All employees must adhere to Billy Bob’s policies applicable to their employment. Policies include: an Employee Code of Conduct, which covers core values, ethics and appropriate standards of workplace dress & behaviour.
Providing outstanding customer service to customers and ensuring, at all times, that the company is positively promoted.
Packages and displays meat; prepares a variety of package sizes and portions; prepares speciality orders by responding to customer requests etc.
Must have experience in the use of specialised equipment (professional cutlery, saws, tenderisers and mincing machines and associated personal protective equipment etc.) and ensure equipment operates correctly
Maintaining a hygienically clean and safe working environment.

To be considered for this position you will need to:
Be required to be a fully qualified butcher and be competent in all butchery tasks.
Have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in general butchery.
Have experience of use in specialised equipment.
Have a clear understanding in food safety and safe work practices.
Have excellent customer service skills
Be self-motivated and…