Essay on 21st Century Student Observation

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21st Century Student Observation
Jordan F. Hollern
Grand Canyon University: EDU 527

21st Century Student Observation While observing middle school, high school and college age students at a local mall, I was taken aback by the differences in styles and attitudes from when I attended those various levels of education. I observed and noted many attributes and behaviors of these various peer groups and notice some similarities and some differences between each group. The peer group, which consists of friends who are of approximately the same age and social status, is one of the most important institutions for shaping a child’s social behavior (Webb, Cite). Although some social
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These teens sat down and began a bible study amongst the group. The observation of these students body art was difficult due to the fact that it is winter in Montana and most people were pretty bundled up. I did, however, observe many of the teenage girls having numerous piercing not only in their ears but in the faces, lips and noses. In observing today’s teenage students in a social setting, I found many similarities to my youth but also many glaring differences. I did observe some of the adults that interacted with these students as well and noted that many of the older generations gave long, disapproving glances to the students with numerous piercings and outlandish attire. I was discouraged by this behavior because we live in a society that allows us the freedom of expression and I have always felt that a person should be judged not by their appearance but the content of their character. I do feel that this activity has given me a better view of the student body that is prevalent in my community.

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