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Lab #5: Mapping Assignment
Students will work within their Motor Development Lab Groups. Students, in consultation with group members, will select one sport from those listed. Group members will respond to all of the following questions and post their information in the Assignments Dropbox, preferably by the completion of class.

Identify the initial Fundamental Motor Skills required to learn and participate in the selected sport / physical activity.


Identify Fundamental Motor Skills and Fundamental Sports Skills required to participate in the selected sport or physical activity. Categorize skills according to stability, locomotor, and manipulative.


Identify Sport Specific Skills performed in the selected sport or physical activity. Link to the fundamental Skills (according type of movement and category).


Identify Movement Concepts involved in the performance of the selected sport or physical activity. Provide three examples for each of the four types of concepts.
Indicate what the sub-category is. For example, skating forward, backwards, clockwise and counterclockwise relate to direction which is a sub-category of Space.


Identify the recommended chronological age for initiation of the selected physical activity. Draw upon physical growth and motor development processes to support your recommendation. 6.

Identify how growth, motor development and maturational changes could potentially affect participation and proficiency relative to execution of skills, during puberty, in the selected sport. What changes would you anticipate in performance? Consider both process and product. Identify Training to Competition Ratios.


When should emphasis be placed on skill development? Why?