Essay about 23rd Psalm- a Holocaust Memoir

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23rd Psalm- A Holocaust Memoir The Holocaust and war was no joking matter. Millions were executed both intentionally and unintentionally. Men, women, husbands, wives, parents, grandparents, and children; The SS didn’t care. Nor did the Poles, Germans, or anyone at all for that matter. Nobody cared about the “dirty Jews”, the “filthy dogs”, or the “swine dogs”. There were so many insults that it’s impossible to name them all. People were malnourished, lonely, and hopeless. This torture was part of the everyday life of a young man named Lucek Salzman (George Lucius Salton). This boy lost his parents at age 14 and his brother at age 15. He was beaten, he had paint poured over him, his latter was kicked by a German soldier (this ended up …show more content…
After his parents left , Lucek and Manek were ordered to take jobs at the Daimler-Benz airplane engine plant. As time went by, Luceks group was told that they wouldn’t be going back to the ghetto; they were transferred to the camp at the factory. When he arrived at the camp they cut his hair and painted a star on his clothes to show that he was Jewish. When he went up the get painted, the Volksdeutscher asked him to get him more paint; when Lucek got the paint for him, he dumped it on Lucek’s head. The reason turned out to be because he didn’t put the paint in the bucket the correct way. How idiotic can you get? It was cruel and unnecessary. Lucek wasn’t even a bad person; one day, a German supervisor dropped his pay envelope and gave it back to him without even thinking. One Monday in early November 1942, Lucek found out that his brothers group was deported from the ghetto; His brother was taken away just like his parents. Hours passed and then a stranger approached Lucek; his brother had apparently escaped from the deportation train. Manek sent notes and money for a while and then it stopped. After the last letter that he got on September 3, 1943 Lucek never heard from his brother again; at just age 15 Lucek Salzman had nobody and nothing. In September the SS took command of the camp orientation; Oberscharfuher Oester became the commander, and a troop of Ukrainians was brought in to server as guards. On a Sunday afternoon, something terrible