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According to the research, the overall outcome shows that the percentage of women to acquire or to be in a leadership position is low in New Zealand, and also all over the world. The report from "New Zealand Census of Women's Participation" shows that; with the 89 companies that listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX), there's only 5% of women in a position as board directorship, also with the publicly listed companies on New Zealand's Alternative Stock Exchange (NZAX), the percentage of female board directorship is only 16%. Other source data for women's' leadership position in the organization such as Legal firms, Parliament and universities all shows that the amount of female as a leadership is significantly lower than male, and some of it do not even have female leader. Although the research shows that the trend for female to be a leader is gradually increase, it still in minority and seems hard to climb up.
The reason that women face the difficulty to acquire a leadership position is that during historical event, most of the successful leader that to be report are male, which give some image of stereotype on male makes to be good leader. On the other hand, in general, women are underestimate by themselves or others, they might undermine their abilities and inactive on the change promote, the stereotype from society is also a reason that affect the women climb on to higher position. According to the research, there is still subconscious misunderstanding about women normally could not be a good leaders that widely held by both women and men. Also, the website "Ministry for Women" state that " Women are currently under-represented in leadership roles in New Zealand and a significant number of women with potential drop out of the workforce, or stall below senior management and top leadership positions. Their success is often been measured by the numbers of women on state and private boards." Which also indicate the difficulty for women to be a leader.
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