25 Tips to Academic Success Essay

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25 Tips for Academic Success

Understanding I am not in high school anymore, attending all classes, sitting in front of the classroom, avoiding procrastination, and managing stress are the five most important tips to academic success. It takes desire and determination to achieve any goal. Failure in any of these areas can lead to bad grades and failure to obtain a college education. It is very important to take responsibility and understand I am not in high school anymore. Nothing in life will be given to me, and this is the point where I realize I have to work for what I earn. I must attend all classes in order for me to understand what is going on in the class. Sitting in front of the classroom allows me to concentrate more and eliminate distractions opposed to sitting in the back of the room. Avoiding procrastination is a very important concept that can help avoid stress as well. If I stress too much before a test, it puts a negative effect on my grade. Meanwhile, I realize how important it is to manage my time throughout the semester and relax on test day. Of these five tips, attending all classes is easiest for me to accomplish. I have always been a picky person when it comes to grades and I feel as if it is a necessity to always attend class unless you have an emergency. Most people think it is ok because you can get notes from a friend, but I, on the other hand, trust myself more than anyone else. The hardest tip for me to accomplish is…