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Communication and Identity

This simple and easy-to-perform experiment was made to personify my own identity and personality clearly in front of myself. This experiment can be a great help in identity management of an individual as it brings the different personality and identity of a person into light. A simple question, “Who am I?” was answered in front of two different set of audiences to analyze the differences in various aspects in the presentation of identity. It is obvious from the experiment that human being has different sorts of identity that revolves around the company he keeps. A person must not represent himself in front of his friends like the way he presents himself in front of public. He must be more relaxed, easy and less conscious among his friend than among public-this the main source of the difference between the two sets of presentations. In my experiment, I divided the answer of the question into few personality and identity characteristics including moods, appearance, social traits, talents, intellect, belief, social roles and physical condition. I observed the differences in description of my self-identity based on these characteristics and found four characteristic traits where the answer differed significantly between the two sets of audiences. These four sectors are appearance, social traits, intellect and physical condition. First, in describing the appearance, I was too general in front of my friends to describe myself simply as good looking, whereas I found myself positively emphatic to describe my appearance to the public. The possible reason might be to create impression to the public; on the other hand, I do not need to be perfect or highly attractive to my friends. Second point of difference lies in social traits where I deliberately omitted the trait of being easily impressed while describing myself to the public. The reason is obvious; nobody likes to be exposed as an easy to impress individual in front of public because it might create a bad impression about oneself-people do not put effort to impress people easy to impress, which in consequence might create a loose image of the individual to the public. Third, in describing my level of intellect, I am quite cautious not to specify