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Case Study: ODEESA: The Quest For Rise of The Fourth Riche
American University of the Emirates MSS 602: Homeland Security.
For: Prof. Golam Mustfa
By: Mahmood Sharif Mahmood
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Civil Military Relationship In Latin America: A Literature Review
For: Prof. Firuz Demir Yaşamış
Course: MSS 603 Research in Security & Strategic Studies
By: Mahmood Sharif Mahmood
ID # 132420006

I. Excerpt 3
II. The Three lyres of National Security in Latin America 4
III. The Scope of Military -Civilian Corporation in Latin America 5
IV. Controlling the Military 6
1. Why Civilians Fail to Control the Military: 6
2. The Relationship Between Civilian & the Military (The Trinity): 6
3. Institutional Support of the Trinity of Civil Military Relationship: 8
4. Case Studies of the Institutional Support of the Trinity of Civil Military Relationship : 9
5. The Reasons for The Variations in the case studies 11
V. Institutional Control: 12
1. Institutional Control: Ministry Of Defense (MOD) 12
2. Institutional Control: The Legislature 13
3. Institutional Control: The Intelligence System 14
VI. Reference 15

I. Excerpt
The Fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing. This suggests that the fox for all his cunning is defeated by the hardedge defense.

Like foxes civilian politician must know many thing while the armed forces, like the hedgehog, only have to Know one big thing: National Security

Based on Asebos Fables Aesop is a story-teller. Asebos lived in ancient Greece between 620 and 560 BCE.

II. The Three lyres of National Security in Latin America
There are three lyres to security issues in Latin America and they are:
National Security:
National security has meant defending the continuity and sovereignty of a state. This is the traditional role of national defense forces.

Public Security:
Public security refers to the state's ability to maintain public order so that basic sectors can Public Security function Citizen Security: Citizen security addresses the exercise of human, political, and social rights by individuals and groups in a democracy.

T.C. Bruneau & R. B. Goetze (2006) argued that civilians might not need to know everything about national security, they must know about public and citizen security

III. The Scope of Military -Civilian Corporation in Latin America
1. Peace Support Operation (PSO):
The Importance of PCO
T.C. Bruneau & R. B. Goetze (2006) argued that PCO are important for the following reasons:
a) It improves the country image
b) it provides enormous military opportunities
c) It is considered as a high growth industry because of the funding the country receive in…