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Rebuttal Essay
19 February 2014
More Fs are Not the Best Solution to the Education System Problems Being a student, I have always wanted to get an A grade for the class. However, I have to study harder and harder. F cannot represent all grades to a student. Carl Singleton, the author of the article “What Our Education System Need More F’s” believes that more Fs can make the students focus on the homework rather than TV. However, I think his point is not really right. More Fs are not the best solutions to the education system problems. Fs may make the students give up the learning and lose their self-confidence. The F grade is neither a good method nor the most powerful measurement to make parents take care of their children.
First of all, giving more Fs is not an enforceable way to help the education problem. In Singleton’s opinion, “Sending students’ home with final grade of F would force most parents to deal with the realities of their children’s failure while it is happening and when it is yet possible to do something about it”(193). It is really hard to enforce this because every child is an individual person. They have their own opinions and make their own choices. Especially when they are college students, they do not want their parents to inspect their work because they think that it is their own business. In other side, it will give the pressure to both parents and students. Parents want the best out of their teens and it can be very stressful for the teen when the parents start to talk to them about getting good grades and giving them bigger responsibilities. The pressure of receiving good grades in school can be excessive, and the teens may turn to cheating on test and getting involved into drugs to relive their stress.
In addition, giving more Fs is not a psychological way to help either students themselves or the education system. The author argues that teachers should give students who cannot reach the standard an F. How about the students who really work hard but still cannot get a good grade? If a hard working student gets an F many times, how could he remain confident and continue working hard? Students' responsibility is to study honestly, not to learn how to get to the grades. In fact, school is a kind of small society that all students must try their best to get good grades in order to prove that they are better than others. And, grades often cause anxiety. Students may not get good jobs without good marks. Many students suffer from bad health, and some even commit suicide because of psychological pressure. And, it is unfair to judge students by the…