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2nd Assessment EXL

1) Which Greene law or Maxwell concept can be applied for the scenario, the answer will need to explain both which law or concept applies to the scenario and why it applies
2) Give a story example (with explanation) from the readings that is similar to what Greene or Maxwell writes about in the text.
3) Choose 4 of the 5 cases to answer.
4) Use only the readings based upon the Greene laws or Maxwell chapters from weeks 3 & 4.
4) Choose only one Greene law or Maxwell trait per answer!

1. Clint has formed a new band and thinks they have a shot at becoming famous. He has booked a couple of gigs and the band basically sounds great but he has a hard time getting others bookings. On stage the band stays in place and creates no excitement other than the music. What Greene law should Clint’s band employ to help create a “buzz” for the band?

Law #37 creating compelling spectacles, is the law that Clint should have followed with his band. People want immediate appeal to their emotions. Clint should have aimed straight for the heart to overwhelm the eyes of people by creating a compelling performance. For example, Kevin’s girlfriend Lisa brought a new CD and wanted Kevin to listen to a particular song with her. Knowing Kevin isn’t into the same music Lisa is, she came up with a plan to keep him listening while the music played. When it came time to hear the song Kevin’s girlfriend began to dance seductively along with the music playing. To keep him engaged with the music and her, she created a compelling performance appealing to his emotions and aiming straight to the heart. What Lisa did in this story is follow Greene Law #37. She established an image that became a visual cue for her to keep Kevin engaged with her and the music playing.

2. Joe Paterno spent 46 years as the head coach of Penn State. During his tenure, Penn State was known as a quality program and Paterno was considered one of the best coaches in football. However, recently one of his assistant coaches was arrested on child abuse charges. It has been reported that Paterno knew about the allegations in 2002 and chose not to report it to the police. That decision has cost Paterno everything and his legacy is over. It cost him everything. He will no longer be viewed as the person and coach he once was. What Greene law did Paterno violate which can take 5 seconds to destroy?

3. Jane is a boss that has responsibility over 100 people. She doesn’t seem to care about any of her employees because in the past a few employees that she trusted hurt her and she is bitter and angry, even though this happened 15 years ago. Because of this, there is a high amount of turnover, people are miserable, and moral is extremely low. What Maxwell chapter should Jane read and what concept within that chapter would be best for her to adopt?

Maxwell’s trait on Attitude in chapter six is the trait that Jane should have followed in this scenario. Jane should have understood that she may have been hurt by past employee’s, but the people she treated unfairly now was not them. Additionally she should have known better, this is a professional environment and she should conduct herself as such. For example Rita owns a beauty salon and has owned and ran this same salon for over ten years. Then a new beauty salon opens across the street from Rita’s, bringing about competition for her customers. Rita has of late come into some hardships with her husband leaving her. Then the recent fire of her home and someone stealing her car has taken a toll on Rita. The competing salon sent in a mole to find out her services…