Problems With Technology

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Problems with technology(old versus new)

Can you imagine that before?You carry a little box everyday and you can use it to do anything , such as sending email to your friend in the other side of earth. In early 20th century, computer changed our life, then it’s smart phone, and tablet. People now can communicate with others without any space or time limit. We sounds free today,but we actually do? In nowadays we seem totally are tied by the box. We don’t face our friends anymore, either we don’t concentrate the things surrounding us.Stop to look at the box.We need to live in the real,and communicate with the real people.

We really need to move our eyesight away from the screen.Smart phone and tablet fill with people’s lives today.Checking the social website when we are waiting the bus.Texting to our friends whenever we want.After all,we may find out that the real life was disappear.I hold my cellphone all the time.It brings me many convenient,but now I feel I am tiding by it.Even no one text me,I always feel it is vibrating.When I go out for dinner,taking the picture for the food seems more important than taste them.Before the smartphone appear,we talk to our families after dinner,and we social with who we met.Now we all become the phubber,and we seem to lost the ability of social.We need to leave the box away.We talk to many strangers through the social apps,meanwhile we even don’t know how to talk to the real person around us.One day,I was been a party,we sit around with the food.After taking photos with others and the food,everyone focus on upload the photo to the social website,no one talk to others.What we need is just put the phones down,or move the eyesight out of the screen,talk to friends and families.

Someone may say,people feel lonely today.The social network,basing on the developing technology,connect the lonely people in the whole world and warm them;indeed,modern society tend to seperate the community into individual .Over-competition make people feel stress,and hard to find somewhere to release.Developing technology make