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Portfolio Professional Marketing Plan

CMSM 001
Mrs. Kochheiser

This paper gives a brief introduction to the different types of jobs that catch my attention. Describing what stretch job I would consider to take, this job is considered one that is just above what you are doing as of now. Or one that you would like to have that is one step above your odds of finding that one. Dealing with the target job allows you to change your dreams to reality. This is the job that you know that you have a good chance with to get in the job market today. It is something that you can see yourself doing or similar to the job that you currently work at. And finally it will discuss the contingency employer. This is the employer that you work hard for and wish that you could do better but it is something that you are doing to get by. Or as many people say it is that job that makes ends meets in your situation not your dream job.

My stretch employer would have to be a Training Resource Manager and Acquisition Specialist. The Operations Manager is responsible for running and coordinating the various processes that consist of claims, and Clearinghouse Operations. The person in this position is the primary manager interfacing with the providers, payers, support personnel and computer systems; the Operations Manager directly manages the support and enrollment employees ensuring that provider support levels meet acceptable standards (USA Jobs, 2012). The individual monitors computer systems operations for likely operation abnormalities and let other inside individuals of potential problems.
The Operations manager works with providers to identify potential problems and formulate solutions by working directly with the providers. The Operations Manager is responsible for monitoring our company-Payer interface and keeping transmissions operational and correct (USA Jobs, 2012). The individual is responsible for workers and provider education of the clearinghouse software.
The need of this manager is to administer, direct, and assist in the client support team in managing customer service request and ensuring appropriate and well-timed responses. You will be in charge for enrollment department in managing new client employment and ensuring truthfulness and timeliness. Assist support team as they are linked with clients and payers.
Some of the skills and strategies that I will use to get my name in front of the employer are with the current experience that I have in management and customer service. Being able to do thing in a timely manner and be able to meet all deadlines with providing accuracy to proofread and perform.
I will also use my career networking skills to help with the process. It will go towards that field of someone knows someone who knows someone plan. I will network with the people who know my work ethic and can speak on my behalf to better my chances to get the position.
For my target employer I would have to say a manager of academic services. The Manager of Academic Services is integral to maintaining the college’s compliance with obligations and procedures specified in the Faculty Contract Agreement, chair handbook, and Office of Academic Affairs master process documentation manual; maintains and assures accuracy and currency of information and documents in faculty and chair personnel files; supports capital budget development and maintenance; completes special projects for Academic Affairs and hires and manages temporary employees. The Manager of Academic Services reports to the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs/ Vice Provost.
The Manager of Academic Services manages the master Academic Affairs employment database of faculty and chairs, regularly updating information to reflect changes in employment status reappointment, promotion, retirement, etc., wages, sabbatical, contract issuance dates, and other necessary data. The Manager of Academic Services prepares a variety of faculty contracts chair