3.2 Describe with Examples How Schools May Demonstrate and Uphold Their Aims Essay

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Level 2 Award inSSiS Unit T/601/3325 (205) Task C Page 1

3.1 define the meaning of:
The aims are what the school wants to achieve. They could include the goals, targets, intentions and purpose.

The values are the principles or standards which could include rules of conduct, respect, honesty, kindness, sharing and appreciation.

3.2 Describe with examples how schools may demonstrate and uphold their aims
Schools might demonstrate their aims by providing the basis for the delivery of the best
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To create a happy school environment where everyone feels valued and secure.
To prepare children for life so that they can display respect and tolerance in a multi-cultural society.
To nurture a community where all children, staff, parents, governors and parish work together.

They would uphold this by:
Upholding the dignity of each individual within our Catholic Christian community.
Always treating each other with respect as well as valuing each other’s contribution within the life of the school.
Ensuring that policies, schemes of work and teachers’ planning reflect an appropriate and realistically challenging curriculum for all pupils.
Level 2 Award inSSiS Unit T/601/3325 (205) Task C
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Providing extra-curricular opportunities appropriate to school life and its ethos.
Living, teaching and growing together in the Catholic faith.
Nurturing a secure, positive and stimulating Christian environment where everyone understands what is expected of them.
Promoting tolerance and consideration for all in our daily life.
Providing knowledge and understanding of our multi-cultural society.
Developing and