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When I was in the Sales Administrator role, after receiving an order, I acted as the first point of contact in dealing with all matters relevant to this order, in order not to make my clients confused so that they didnt have to deal with different people within my previous company. I remember one time I was handling an order being recently placed by an Australian customer. At the beginning of the order production, he sent me an Email requesting that if our regularly used core material could be replaced with our recently developed lightweight material for his current order. About this request, I contacted our purchase team immediately for confirmation. After being advised of the possibility to meet his request but with a condition of new price, the customer confirmed his willingness to accept it. I then modified our sales contract and waited for him to amend L/C (an international payment) accordingly. Meanwhile, I notified all relevant team members of this change, who were respectively in charge of packaging design, shipping, quality control, purchase, and advised them to stand by for final confirmation. A few days later, I received modified L/C and I quickly updated relevant information in system, so that they were able to make a reasonable adjustment towards it including purchase team sending an amendment notice to our supplier and confirmed this change was made with an updated instruction to all relevant team members, including altering all related documents. The modified order was successfully produced and shipped out within our new agreed deadline. In a team environment, I deem myself a key role who took a great responsibility to keep our team members informed at any time when changes occurred. Demonstrated project coordination skills to facilitate activities from project initiation, planning, implementation, review and assessment. When in the Sales Administrator role, I undertook some projects throughout their whole life cycles, and each project was deemed successful in meeting our pre-agreed goals. For example, one of our long-term buyers (Kingfisher - UK) used to cooperate with us on a project. They identified a market trend and inquired about three power tools from our current production line to be modified according to their requirements. In return, they were willing to sign an exclusive contribution agreement with us valid for three years with a yearly guaranteed minimum order quantity. We evaluated relevant costs of implementing this project and estimated gross return based on a three-year duration of exclusive distributorship, as well as possible changes from both internal and external environment causing some negative impacts on this project, and finally made a conclusion of it being feasible. Immediately, we set up a project team in which I acted as a coordinator responsible for interacting with our customer, internal departments and other relevant stakeholders throughout the whole process of the project. We set up a deadline for each stage of the project starting from remodeling existing products, sending samples to laboratories for assessment and to client for confirmation, receiving new quality assurance certificate for each product, designing new packagings, starting mass production, arranging pre-shipment inspections to final delivering. I also forwarded this project timetable to our client for reference. In between, I worked closely with our team members and communicated effectively with the customer in relation to project updates and dealing with relevant inquires. In the meanwhile, I kept a keen eye on the deadline of each stage so that I was able to detect and prevent any likely delay through alerting the responsible party to get back to our pre-agreed schedule. The project was completed on time and successfully. Our satisfied client hence fulfilled their written promise through gradually placing repetitive orders for those products covered in the project. Demonstrated organisational skills,…