3 strikes Essay

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Leonard, Frank

September 17, 2014

Issue 9 The three strike law is a law in which dictates a long-lasting prison sentence for consecutive offenders, after three violent crimes you are sent to prison for a lengthy period of time. This indicates the old saying “3 strikes and you’re out”. The three strike law was developed to decrease crime rate and bring peace to civilians. An individual who committed three felonies would be a danger to the community which is why this law is enforced. Everyday tons of people are getting away with committing crimes, they are sentenced to a few years and get out and repeat the same malicious behavior. The three strike law provides a stationary justice system, many times criminals finesse through the system through plea bargains, or case backlogs. It is believed that this law would discourage repeated offenders to commit any more crime. Three strikes law applies to 3 consecutive convictions such as rape, armed robbery, or organized criminals.

Contrary many people believe that this law isn’t flexible; you can’t just automatically hit someone with the 3 strike rule each crime is different, and each offender is different as well. It is believe that this law is unjust because criminals often plea bargain not knowing they may one day be subject to the