Essay about 30 Days without Using a Cookbook

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My thirty day experiment is on cooking without a cookbook to see if I can become a better cook,and to see if my cooking skills improve over the thirty days. I will take steps within these thirty days to achieve my goal I will first in invest in good cooking tools and ingredients. Then I will cook with a pro a family member are a chef that works in a restaurant that I really admire. I will take a class that will teach me some skills to help prepare me for my long term goal in becoming a chef .
Invest in good cooking tools and ingredients. If you have good quality tools, the outcome will improve. Non-stick pans, proper utensils and measuring spoons and bowls will help you follow a recipe and will improve the outcome of your dishes.
Cook with a pro, someone in your family are with a chef whose cooking skills you admire, ask to spend time in the kitchen with them. This can help you pick up valuable skills and tricks to make a vast improvement on your cooking skills. As Rachael Ray stated (My first vivid memory is watching Mom in a restaurant kitchen. She was flipping something with a spatula. I tried to copy her and ended up grilling my right thumb! I was 3 or 4.)I have been cooking every since I was a little boy from peanut butter jelly sandwiches, ramen noodles, and then I started cooking with my aunt on Sunday dinners. When I was young my aunt and family members were pros in cooking to me.

Take a class. This is entirely…