(30 Points) Relates To Problem Solving, Decision Making And Techniques To Improve Critical Thinking Skills

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Announcements Expand All Collapse All | Announcement | Submitter | Date/Time * | Week 3 Preview - | Debora Palmer | 3/9/2013 12:00 AM | Week 3 Preview – This week you will learn to apply effective study strategies to reading, comprehending, listening, note taking, and test taking. You will learn to use critical thinking strategies in decision making and problem solving, demonstrate appropriate self-care skills including health maintenance and stress management. You will also have the chance to review financial planning strategies to reach academic and personal goals.Please review and complete the learning activities, the discussion questions, individual work assignments, and the quiz for Week 3. These activities will support our course goal of demonstrating student life success practices by developing critical thinking, studying, and writing skills.Discussion Question 1 (30 pts) relates to reading techniques and comprehension skills that can help you to read more effectively. Discussion Question 2 (30 points) relates to problem solving, decision making, and techniques to help you to improve critical thinking skills. Question 3 (30 points) involves budgeting and financial management concepts that are part of this week’s Learning Activities and setting financial goals to support both academic and life success. The minimum expectation for class discussions is to respond directly to each part of the discussion prompt and to respond to at least two other posts, either by a student or instructor, by the end of the week. Responses to other individuals' posts should expand on their ideas, discuss the differences between your thoughts and theirs, and explain why you agree or disagree. Your main post should address each part of the discussion prompt. It should be in your own words and reference what you have discovered in the required reading and other learning activities. Please remember to type the questions and include several sentences in your response. You should also use spell check to check for spelling errors prior to posting. For the Individual Work assignment 1 (30 points) you will refer to Journal Reflections: My Decision Crossroads on page 196 of your textbook and complete several related questions. The individual work assignment 2 for the week is worth 30 points. This involves thinking about the things in your life that cause stress and discovering effective coping strategies. Students are expected to submit their Individual Work assignments to the Dropbox as outlined in the syllabus. The Quiz for the week is worth 60 points. This covers concepts learned in the reading chapters from the textbook. This will include: Chapter 1, “P.O.W.E.R. Learning: Becoming an Expert Student,” pages 1-29, Chapter 2, “Making the Most of Your Time,” pages 30-53, Chapter 3, “Taking Notes,” pages 54-75, Chapter 4, “Taking Tests,” pages 76-102, Chapter 5, “Reading and Remembering,” pages 103-128, Chapter 8, “Making Decisions and Problem Solving,” pages 189-211, Chapter 10, “Juggling Stress, Money, Family, and Work,” pages 235-263.Please make every effort to submit your assignments during the current week in which they are due. It is also important to work only on the current weeks activities and not post assignments ahead of time. If you do work ahead you can save your assignments to your computer and post the assignments during the current week in which they are due. In general, the class performance to date has been great. This is will be a very busy week as we strive to complete the learning activities, class discussions, individual work assignments, and the quiz. Please reach out to support each other and remember I am always here to help you. Dr. Palmer | Week 2 Summary - | Debora Palmer | 3/9/2013 12:00 AM | Week 2 SummaryThis week we continued our investigation on characteristics that contribute to student success including applying effective