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Movie Review: The movie I went to watch was 300: Rise of an Empire directed by Noam Murro. The movie is about a general Themistocles that leads the Greeks against the Persians who are Xerxes and Artemisia. First, I was super excited to go watch this movie since I was a really big fan of the first 300 movie. What intrigued me the most was how the Greeks were going to match up against the huge Persian army led by two malicious leaders. That caught my eye since the movie started and kept me on edge the whole time. Also it made me wonder how the Greeks would of matched up if Leonidas was still alive. The movie started off how the last 300 movie ended which made me happy because not many movies do that. Also it got to the battles right away, which impressed me because that was one of the main reasons I enjoyed the last movie. Although all the actors were amazing in this film, my hats went off to Sullivan Stapleton who did a fantastic job throughout the whole movie. I was especially moved when the Spartans showed up at the end of the movie to help out the rest of the Greeks. It showed me how a common enemy can bring a whole divided nation together. It was moving because you think all of the Greeks are going to get murdered by the Persian army but the Spartans come out of nowhere and give the Greeks the boost they all needed. It just shows you in my opinion how all of Greece was united at least for this one battle. My favorite part of the movie was Themistocles and the rest of the Greek army was able to beat the Persians in the first battle that took out on the water. Themistocles showed great tactics