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Personal development plan: I believe I am doing well since I moved to London from Sandwell, I have adapted well within the team and also became a permanent member of staff as of late.
When working I am looking for challenges and ways I can surpass myself, I like to create new projects and see them carried out, its nice to hear and see the3 children happy with what they have been involved in and what they have gained from the projects. I’m also looking for consistency and following things out correctly without going back on my word.
My current goal is to apply for the senior position that has been posted; I have been short listed for the interviews. I aim to get to the position and look forward to the next opportunity.
The areas I need to word on are allowing others to do things and not taking to much control, I have a tendency to just get on with things and complete them unknowingly. I am aware of this and I have started to progress.

When I started the gardening project I was the only person whom was interested in the challenge as well as the young people. During staff meeting prior to the project being started, staff began to show interest in the area, I was aware that not all of my colleagues would be as interested as I was and it was up to me as individual and as a member of staff to motivate them and to teach them my learning needs and make them aware of what development I wanted them to gain and what my goals where. Once the project was started we had a new member of staff who also shared my interested so, again during team meetings we would discuses what could be done and who was going to do it rather than leave it down to the only two people who were interested. The plan was to finish the project within two weeks unfortunately due to the weather and my project management skills we went over that time, however the garden was completed with the help of the team and young people.
There fore we set a project and goal, I enforced to other what my vision was and how I wanted to do and incorporated my plan into theirs.

Prior to joining SCF I had not received any form of training, since I cam into the organisation I have been fortunate to complete a string of courses;
Health and safety