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Task A Guidance

Ai, A) Reflective Practice
Reflective practice is a process which allows you to stop and think about the way you practice with clients. Most write down their experiences in a blog or a diary, writing about the way they responded in a particular situation. The contents of your reflective practice will depend on what you want to clarify about your practice. Doing this helps you learn and gain new experience in dealing with difficult situations in doing this you may modify your behavior, actions and treatment to your clients.
B) Reflective practice is Important because it makes you consciously analyse your decision making, the way you treat your clients, your actions and behaviors. It’s also important if you have written evidence you can share with others at a later date, it can help assist insights that might be overlooked or missed. Sharing your reflections are encouraged as others can learn from you too and another’s thoughts on your experience can help you draw out more from your experience.
C) Reflective practice contributes to improving the quality of service provided so it is important to everyone. The social care and health care sector are constantly changing so keeping a diary or blog offers significant opportunity for reflection on ongoing advances.
D) How standards can be used to help a social care worker reflect on their practice. A care worker can familiarize themself with the Company’s working standards. They can then reflect regularly