311 An Experience Best Had Live

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311, An Experience Best Had Live
Darrick Essley
DeVry University ENGL112

Many of you may or may not have heard of the band 311. It is a band that has been making music over 20 years now. They have played here in Phoenix numerous times, many which I have attended. They always seem to put on a wonderful show and great albums. They have attracted many diehard fans in the years they have been playing. Even if you are not a 311 fan, it’s definitely a band you must see live.
Have you ever heard of 311 before? Chances are that you most likely have heard them playing on the radio or TV whether or not you knew it. After all they have produced 13 albums and had over 11 hit singles that have made it on the 50th or higher on the billboard charts. Songs like “Down”, “Don’t Stay Home”, “Transistor” and my personal favorite “Beautiful disaster” were huge successes in the late 1990’s. Some of their the most recent hits include, “Amber”, “Love Song”, and “Count Me In”. So, chances are you have heard one or more of their songs and perhaps, even sang along to them in the car or while in the shower. One of the best aspects of this music group is that their style has morphed and changed over time. From loud and hard in their earlier years to mellow and deep melody rhythms in later years. In other words, they have music to sooth most. If you like a lot of base in music, their base player P’Nut pluck and slaps the base guitar providing deep rhythm. Even the guitarist have the ability to play hard riffs like dueling guitars or soft smooth harmony. The singers all have their own style rhyming and raping separately, or they will sing together in perfect beautiful harmony. So, I think it is say to say they have music to sooth most if not all. 311 does make great albums however, their live and in flesh and blood performance is way better than their recordings. Personally, I have seen 311 twelve times now. However, there is one show that sticks out the most, I believe it was their summer tour for 2003 or 2004. They played at Mesa Amphitheater in Mesa Arizona. By far the best live performance I have ever seen to date. 311 had come on stage late in the afternoon just before the sun started setting. As they played I remember thinking how clearly you could hear each of the bandmates individual parts, and how wonderful they sounded together. Midway in-between their show they started a jam session. It was nothing short of a religious experience. There was little singing except Doug "SA" Martinez raping here and there, the guitars were harmonizing with the bassist Aaron "P-Nut" Wills. It was absolutely joy to the ears and senses. Then out of the blue, the whole band grabs a drum and starts an awesome drum session just like the movie “Drumline”. Dancing around, throwing their drumsticks up, in the air all in sync while in tune with one each other. To this day, it still gives me goose bumps thinking about that concert, just thinking how amazing they sounded together.

In their many years of playing, 311 has drawn in many diehard fans. Some people will tell you that they have a favorite band