3220 Unit 5 complete Essay

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Ol3220 Unit 5 complete
Case Study

Christine Brooks, the regional claims manager for the national insurance company for Westchester zone (Rosenberg, 2003). Christine was in charge of implementing this major zone reorganization in which four offices under her responsibility would be consolidated to one location by the end of the year. This reorganization was due to deregulation and continuous economic weakness, company had decided to the cost-cutting moves for some regional areas and one of which included the Westchester zone reorganization. There were many factors which were associated with the case of national insurance company as financial gain, cost-cutting budgets, and down-sizing (Banerjee, 2002).
Further, issues had faced by the
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Although, in a survey most of them did not set their hope as dissatisfied, but were concerned with less satisfaction level. Therefore, I have two suggestions for Christine, which belong to this study and concern of mangers. The two choices after considering Managerial Survey would be; first, is to move three offices at one place and wait for user feedback, but here would be an issue for employees. How would they manage, but if the user feedback would be good for them, if it is good, then she can move forward and go from this point and will take care of her employees (Alkhafaji, 2003). Secondly, it's most important and preferable choice, is to manage the transition in a piecemeal change, example if we move one office first, then we can learn something from there, then can go for second and apply the same changes and can do same for other so on; for all four offices. But again, she said that, this shouldn't take more than expected time otherwise we would lose valuable employees. However, she recommended these two choices to company for the changes in Westchester zone. And I would also prefer for her second choice, where they can learn from one office changes and can implement if found something good; otherwise can move for other changes without disturbing other office work. Once finalize, what exactly would be effective to do; then can go with that for all four locations and move them to one possible place for business (Schrodt, 2002).