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Elizabeth Loftus- Leader in eyewitness testimony
One eye witness is more powerful I more influential because jurors believe it most of the time.
Don’t over estimate the power of the eyewitness

Most misidentifications and subsequent conventions
If the police find someone they think did it they stop looking
They see the defendant and assume
The witness could be scared and say it is some one else
The influence of other people. When there are more then one witness and they talk to each other they could change their story

For capital murder 3 councel are required one with 5 years experience
Length of presentation
Brief is bad for encoding information

You are left with a little bit of truth and your brain feels in the rest

From video
1. Idea behind fillers is to pick some one with the same description the eye witness gave of he suspect not one that looks just like the actual suspect.
2. There 2 officers in the room that is a blind witness
3. blind sequential line up ppl seen one at a time
4. certainty Statement can be taken in the middle of the lineup but they have to see everyone still
5. Sit down line up is used to take height out of the equation

Mug shot are more common because less time consuming and cheaper
Mugbooks are a problem b/c ppl get confused
Assume the perp
Sequential is better
Influence of feedback-

Neil v. Biggers (1972)- SCOTUS case jury should consider
U.s v Telfair (1972) used by some courts
Manson v. Brathwaite (1977)
State vs. Henderson (2011)