38th Parallel Analysis

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The Grand Mystery North of the 38th Parallel
Rafael, Cervantes
Advance Leadership Course, 13F 003-17, Non-Commissioned Officer Academy
SSG. Greene

The Grand Mystery North of the 38th Parallel
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea began when the Russia contributed to their creation. Essentially creating a foothold in Asia. The year was 1953 when our great nation decided to concede the Korean War. When establishing the Demilitarized Zone, North Korea lost 1500 square miles (History.com, 2009). T’was the year that the mystery of North Korea began behind the 38th Parallel (History.com, 2009).
Defining Culture.
Culture includes everything that a society consists of. In Korea case, cultures that have a major influence are Chine, Russia, and
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Those are basic defining characteristics of culture. For example the children of North Korea curriculum, establishes from an early age to hate Americans. This kind of culture is called learned culture, where a vessel incapable to know better, consequently what it’s thinking. This stems from the animosity their leader holds for the United States. In turn making hatred a part of their culture enforcing it in elementary school. In North Korea they do not have social class due to the fact they state their society has done away with them. The people of North Korea comprise of basically into two groups in, which determines their status in North Korea. Depending on an individual’s family history they fall under revolutionary or un-revolutionary origins; this means that the deeper a persons roots in developing the country the higher status they will have in the country. The majority of the people in North Korea lineage are not veterans, or do not have an extensive history. They do not have any kind of social …show more content…
Only 17% is agriculturally sound ground to produce sustenance. China developing cities steal trades from DPRK western cities. Urban terrains in the DPRK are small, with the exception of Pyongyang being a metropolis. Above the 38th parallel has roughly 400 territories that negatively reinforce DPRK. Pyongyang is the hub that connects DPRK together, in order to dismantle Korea, swift immobilization of Korean commerce. After WWII, USA and Russia cut the country of Korea in half at the 38th parallel (Millett). Korea became a subtle war that discretely slid by the American populous media (Millett). Success in North Korean society falls to the involvement of lineage during the Korean War. Essentially creating a caste system in place. Advancement in the DPRK is impossible to overcome unless lineage can reinforce your