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1.1 Describe the purpose and goals of an organisation.

The definition of an organisation is:
A social arrangement which pursues collective goals, which controls its own performance and which has a boundary separating it from its environment
CAT Interactive Texts, BPP
Musgrave Group are a family owned business based in Cork with operations in Ireland, the UK and Spain. They opened their first store in 1876. In Ireland alone they support 14,000 employees across 600 supplier company contribute €2.9 billion to the Irish economy. (ref this)?
The Musgrave Group bought Superquinn in 2011 and formed MOPI. In February 2014 all 24 Superquinn stores were rebranded as SuperValu making Supervalu an unrivalled Irish Brand in the Grocery Market. Combined with Superquinn, SuperValu is Ireland’s largest grocery and food distributor, representing 232 stores across Ireland and continue to expand. MOPI with 24 SuperValu stores are Musgrave’s biggest customer.
Musgrave Operating Partners Ireland (MOPI) is a retail organisation comprising of 24 SuperValu store and a Support Centre. The stores range in size from a Supermarket to a Select store. MOPI employs 2,500 colleagues

MOPI Guiding Principles: Fig:1. MOPI Induction Programme June 14.

The company believe there are a number of these key characteristics that can give modern family businesses like there’s an edge in competitive markets. These include, favouring enduring relationships over short-term gain investing in the long term. Family businesses are also able to build a coherent community of committed stakeholders by communicating and “living” their values

As a private business with a firm commitment to remaining an independent family-owned company, these are precisely the qualities that define our enduring partnerships with our retailers, suppliers and our people.

Honesty –
Goes without saying - Accepts responsibility for actions or omissions
Demonstrates Supports others to behave with honesty and integrity
Bases decision on company values

Working Hard
Demonstrates high level of commitment and effort
Displays high level of energy
Embraces change and is open to do things in a smarter fashion
Has a strong work ethic

Sets high standards
Works tenaciously to achieve stretch goals
Demonstrate a determination to improve results further
Has a track record of accomplishing goals

Long term stable relationships
Strives to achieve long term win/win outcomes for stakeholders
Actively listens to others to understand their agenda
Builds mutual relationships with customers and partner based on trust and respect through formal and informal channels
Demonstrates strong commitment to customer satisfaction

Not being greedy
Shares knowledge and expertise across the business
Balances the delivery of team objectives against the need to deliver personal accountabilities
Prepares properly, is punctual and respects others time
Acknowledges and recognises others contributions and accomplishments

1.2 Describe the products, services and customers of an