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Andrea Milfort
February 18, 2014
Community Service Essay

On average, when people think about community service, they assume that they will be doing hard work for no reason at all, but I completely disagree I never really considered doing community service till my school mentioned it. So I goggled a few places and made a few calls and when I found out I could volunteer I signed up immediately. Most people wouldn’t do community service because you don’t get paid for what you’re doing. In this essay I will be telling you about my experience volunteering at a local corner store located in Bridgeport Connecticut.

Have you ever entered a corner store and wondered how everything is ran? On average most people don’t understand how stressful owning or working at a store actually can be; from dealing with customers to stocking shelves and etc. personally I enjoyed volunteering at the corner store because it tough me to be more organized by stocking shelves, making orders and making sure everything is running smoothly when shelves are out of stock customers become frustrated because they may think we don’t provide what they may be looking for causing us to possibly loose a sale and that’s what most stores try to avoid.

Another reason why I enjoyed volunteering at my local corner store was because I would open and close the store and it made me become more responsible. Opening and closing the store was a big deal because you would need to make sure you count inventory and make