3rd Millennium and Ronald Riff Essay

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Police Report

Incident: Breaking & Entering/Burglary

Reporting Officer: Terry Shields Date of Report: 03 March 2014

At approx. 2150 hrs. on 03 March 2014, I received a call from dispatch regarding a possible robbery of a local business located at the corner of Main St. & First St. at Marquette’s Market. I arrived at the scene at 2150 hrs. and was informed by the owner as well as two (2) store security guards that there were two (2) suspects who fled the scene by motor vehicle. Upon speaking to the witnesses, I learned they were able to write down the license plate number of the vehicle fleeing the scene and I immediately obtained that information. One of the store security guards was able to provide me with a clear identification of one of the suspects before he fled the scene. At 2200 hrs., I relayed the vehicle license information to dispatch. A few moments later, I received information from dispatch regarding the owner of the vehicle as well as suspect’s address. The vehicle registration information showed the owner of the vehicle to be Ronald Riff. After obtaining this information, I immediately drove to the address and arrived there at 2250 hrs. Upon approaching the address of Ronald Riff, the next door neighbor approached me. The neighbor informed me at that time she had noticed Ronald Riff unloading items from a vehicle just shortly before I arrived. She also stated she had not previously seen the particular vehicle he was in ever before in that area. Immediately after learning the suspect was indeed in the area unloading items from the vehicle, I concluded there was sufficient reason to believe the suspect was the one involved in the robbery. I also concluded this information was justification to locate and arrest the suspect. I immediately took proper steps to obtain an arrest warrant. I obtained the necessary arrest warrant at approx. 2350 hrs. I then began my search for the suspect and arrived at his home at approx. 2375 hrs. Upon approaching the home of Ronald Riff, I