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1.1 My own capability and readiness

To deliver and prepare for the Activity 1 I was using Systematic Training Cycle, where it says:
Identify Training needs
Setting training objectives
Plan the training
Implement the training
Evaluate the course
Analysis and review

Identify Training needs

For training I had to identify participant-training needs, had to answer a question: why did I decide to conduct customer service training. And what needs should be improved during this training. My current job is related to customer service in that point my own confidence was high to this subject. Absolutely, ready for any questions, after session or during the Training.

Setting objectives
To set Smart objectives, which should be
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Comfortable, and easy to move furniture. Meals and refreshments were provided during breaks. Room at the training centre was on a ground floor next to toilets.

2.1 Learning styles

As all people are different so making sure that all participants were interested I included activities in to training. Where I used Honey and Mumford learning methods.
Considering adult learning principles by Malcolm Knowles that adults need to know why they need to learn something and they need to learn experientially. As rule participants are listening to person who delivers training just first few seconds so my introduction had to be strong, explain what is the aim of training and main objectives of session are. Used VAK and adult learning principles, assistance in active teaching method such as role-play, discussion. Adults have previous learning or personal experience and ideas about any topic, so I was predetermined that customer service is good idea for discussion.


To evaluate participants, to see is the learning process takes a place and evaluate my own capability to train, I included formative assessment in the middle of training and summative at the end to assess activity.

The steps to create training

Welcome the group and introduce the subject area and myself.
Ground rules
Housekeeping: fire exits, toilets
SMART objectives – 3 objectives