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Assessment task for LO3
Learning Outcome
3. Understand how schools uphold their aims and values

ur school’s ‘aims and values’ are a very important part of school life and the school ethos.
Research your school’s prospectus, mission statement and web site and identify your own school’s AIMS and VALUES.
Below, complete the table using sentences (not bullet points) to describe your schools aims and values and give at least 3 examples of how each one is upheld in school.
Aim- To meet and achieve your targets, as an individual and part of a team.
Value- A set of beliefs that each school have.

3.1 (a)
Our school aims… to promote and uphold positive behaviour.

Our school values….enjoyment, to make learning fun. This ensures that the children and staff are happy at this school.
We demonstrate and uphold these aims by….
We demonstrate and uphold these values by….
To ensure that at this school the pupils uphold positive behaviour, we employ staff that can be positive role models, and also set good examples for the pupils. We will ensure that they will behave according to the rules and regulations of the school, this will aid the pupils to imitate and mirror the teacher’s excellent standard of behaviour.

Offering a wide variety of different leaning techniques to every child. This allows every child to enjoy being in the classroom. An example of these could be a class taking part in doing a display. A number of children enjoy and respond more positively to practical and team building activities, this allows them to be involved and use their imagination. This can help the student with their confidence and feeling off enjoyment and self-worth.

We will make sure positive reinforcements are used on every individual student, when they have fulfilled their achievements or worked well in a group or on a given piece of work. Positive reinforcements we feel at this school, give the children a self-belief that they are on the right path to working towards and past their targets and goals.

Informing students when they begin at the school, we as a school have implemented policies and procedures. That every child and every member of the staff have to respect. By doing this, the children know that they are in a safe environment where they can relax and enjoy the best of their education.

To promote positive behaviour at this school, we work on a reward system were if a…