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Graded Assignment
Project: Build a Business Model
Choosing a business model that will work best for your type of business can be tricky. There are many different types of models, some of which you have learned about recently.

You began this process in the last unit when you decided on a product to sell online. Learning from others is a good way to be successful: you can duplicate their triumphs and avoid their mistakes. You will do some research on how others have set up their businesses, and then choose or design a model for your own online business in this segment of the project.

Answer the following questions based on your discoveries.
1. Describe the product you have chosen, and explain why you chose it. You may switch products at this point, but it makes sense to stick with what you have so you can build on your earlier ideas and analysis. (5 points)
I chose zip up earphones because this is an everyday problem for people in general with earphones. They get tangled up in their pocket, tangled up in their purse, tanged up almost everywhere. And with zip up headphones, I would expect a lot of customers ready to buy willingly.

2. Find a company that sells this product, or something similar if your product is unique. Give the name of the company and the URL for its website. Explain why this company will be helpful to study. (5 points)
The company is called zipbuds and the URL is https://zipbuds.com/ With this website I will be able to see the prices of each thing, the way it is made, what kind of advertisements they are using, and maybe how much they have sold.

3. Using the