4 Goals Essay

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Gavin Ludwig
4 Goals Essay

Describing, predicting, explaining, and controlling behavior are the 4 goals of psychology which help in today’s perspectives of psychology. With the neuroscience perspective deals a lot with the biological standpoint. So knowing what is past down from generation to generation, it is easy to understand how to control different situations because of the knowledge that is obtained. The psychodynamic perspective deals with the unconscious forces and how it drives behavior. This can help us describe the behavior of individuals who not know why they act a certain way. The behavioral perspective focuses on observable behavior. This way we can look at how people interact each day and be able to help them control a problem they wish to take care of. The cognitive perspective focuses on how people think about the world. This includes religion and morals, so this would make it easy to predict how an individual will act if they are religious or if they are not. The last perspective in what psychologist deal with today is the humanistic perspective. This focuses on how one can strive to control their lives and behavior. It is a process that deals with every aspect of the 4 goals of psychology. Without each of the 4 goals one cannot see this perspective. One of the issues in psychology that interest me is how people react in economic loss. Just to know how these effects the parents of starving children, or the children themselves, could help us prevent or