4 Mat Review of Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity 2nd Ed. Essay

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4 MAT Review of Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity 2nd Ed.
COUN 506
Sherrita L. Hedgepeth
Liberty University
July 14, 2012

David Entwistle's (2010) Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity appears to be a text with a primary audience which appears to be conservative evangelical Christians. The basic ‘meat’ of the book is the premise that "weaving together perspectives from psychology and Christian theology can help us understand and appreciate humanity more fully than we could with either perspective alone" (p. 3). Entwistle’s view is that in faithful reading of both the book of God's work (nature) and the book of God's word (theology), this textbook seems to be the work of an individual
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Today’s society walks away from relationships at the first sign of trouble and it’s not in my heart to do so. Remembering this time in my life truly brought it home for me what Entwistle was trying to teach. Understanding the mind, emotions and your client is the main key to your approach in how to help them and being able to tie the element of the spirit takes counseling to a whole new level.
The one thing that is both a strength and weakness to this book is that Entwistle injected his personal opinion throughout this book which made it hard to form an independent opinion on the topics within the text. By providing the definitions of the four major world views and the areas in the world they are commonly found in there was a face placed to the viewpoint that I could relate to it also made it easier to read further on the topics within the text and to compare if other authors obtained the same information. The part of the worldviews introduction is the breakdown of Christian Worldview and how Christianity answers the four basic questions asked: “Who am I?” “Where am I?” “What’s wrong?” and “What’s the remedy?” (p63). Even with the wealth of information provided in the book it would have also been nice to see examples of how to apply Christian principles to the treatment of depression or more