Essay on 4 M's of Marketing

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Marketing Management
MKTG – 508-010
Spring 2010
Dr. Walter Kendall

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Shagun Nagpal
Mar 27th 2010

Tarleton State University

Marketing is a combination of activity and set of institutions that create, communicate deliver and exchange services that have values to society including customers and clients. (AMA, 2007) Marketing emerged as a technical field of study in early 19th century but it came into existence all over when Neil Borden uses the term marketing mix for the first time in 1953. According to Neil Borden marketing is all about the 4P’s (product, place, price, promotion) and we have to take care only of these 4P’s to become a marketing guru but after reading almost 5 books on marketing I can
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She gives you this suggestion because she has a trust in that company. As a result you start selling this brand in your store and so the story spreads (McKenna R., 1991).
I strongly believe that making good relationship with the customers is the best way for a long survival of business for example if you are buying a car from any car dealer but after taking you feel some problems in the car registration and that dealer is not helping you out he is just simply says that we are not responsible for anything once you go out of our showroom or garage then what happen, you will never go to that car dealer again and will never recommend him to anybody. On the other way if he sends a person from his business and solve your problem, make you feel like a family member and insure you that he is always there to help you then you will recommend him to everybody in your contact list. All this happen just because of relationship marketing tool (McKenna R., 1991).
Market Behavior
Understanding what is going in the market and why this is going is the most important thing in marketing or in other words we can also say that understanding the buyer’s behavior is one of the most important and complicated thing in the marketing process. We can also say that the meaning