Essay 4 Ps on Kiehls Product

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7. Marketing Strategy

|Marketing Mix |Biotherm |Kiehl’s |
|Product |Innovation is how individual and group perceived |Kiehl’s had differentiated itself from the |
| |changes made prior to a particular product. |rest of men’s facial care by their nature |
| |The product positioning of the chosen product is based |extracts such as lemon extracts and choice of |
| |on the product’s effectiveness o the individuals and |ingredients in the facial care. Similarly, |
| |groups. Nonetheless, the branding itself had
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| |leadership. In order to do that, it must set its price |Kiehl’s consumer are very careful of |
| |competitively to attract more consumers to gain market |environment-friendly products and they pay |
| |share. Secondly, the competitive price will also be |attention to brands with social commitments |
| |able keep loyal and supporting customers and also |thus they will gain market share in consumers |
| |prevent competitors from gaining market share. |who are more concern with those factors, |
| | |therefore, prices are pretty competitive |
| | |amongst its competitors. However, Kiehl’s |
| | |customers search more than just a product; |
| | |they are seeking added values such as a |
| | |community of customers. Having said that, they|
| | |are willing to pay more for personalized |