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401 games
Executive Summary (One page, single spaced – do last)
The market for board games has seen annual increases of 10-20 per cent over the last decade, leading some to suggest we are in a “board game renaissance” (Carlson, 2013).
401 Games is a Toronto-based retailer of board games, card games, and collectibles which also provides on-site gaming space. A recognized early mover in the board game revolution, owner John Park was among the first to tap into the collectible gaming card segment, starting with Magic: The Gathering (MTG) in 1993, which he introduced in response to customer interest. He later moved into hosting tournaments in the store and offering other card and board games.
Concurrent with the increased interest
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Not only is E-Commerce effective in terms of online shopping, but it is quite useful and easy to operate for business owners like John who require consistent changes to the website especially with continuous changes in prices and the availability of certain products. By implementing E-Commerce into the 401 Games website John will be able to sell his products throughout the world regardless of store hours and geographic location.

401 Game’s Product Matching with MeepleMart is another core issue that must be addressed. If John continues to bring in the same products as MeepleMart there is little differentiation besides the fact that MeepleMart has an online selling presence, and 401 Games sell the products for a slightly lower price. Ultimately, it is the buyer’s decision whether they want to physically go into 401 Games, or choose to pay the extra money on MeepleMart for less effort. As well, by copying similar promotions or sales that MeepleMart has, 401 Games sends a message to customers to be more price focused, rather than focus on the actual value and professional service 401 Games provides to its customers.

Current marketing situation

- Traditional storefront model, which is a relatively easy infrastructure to establish and maintain.

- Unique market that targets customers of all segments and demographics.

- Exceptionally trained staff to provide better customer service than the